A Tiny Trooper

A Tiny Trooper


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A teeny tiny 4 week old kitten who is only the size of a newly hatched baby chicken has a big heart that keeps him going. He is a little trooper who has amazed everyone with his determination to live.

"(I) met this baby kitty today, and I am so grateful that I did. What an inspiration! This little guy is nearly four weeks old and weighs just four ounces. He and his brother (who is twice this size) were found three weeks ago on the street with no mama in sight. Little trooper is honestly the size and weight of a newly hatched baby chicken. His skin is incredibly thin, but miraculously his little body is warm. He has some obvious birth defects, and most likely something wrong with his liver and/or heart that we aren't able to see, but he just wants to survive in spite of it all. Animals never cease to amaze me, and sometimes i am humbled that I am trusted each day with their care," said Kelli.

"He is staying with the people who found him as they have some experience with bottle feeding kitties and have done such a good job already in the three weeks they have had him," Kellie added.

Photo courtesy of ©Kelli (flickr: browndog_09).

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