A Year After Shelter, What a Difference! (8 Photos)


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It's been one year since Zulu left the shelter. She's really fluffed up into a beautiful cat!

reddit @2_sassy

Zulu found her humans at the shelter when she was just a tiny furball. She won over their hearts with her Maine Coon like personality and those big eyes that they simply couldn't resist.

"We adopted her from the local SPCA... She is awesome and has all the characteristics of a Maine coon," reddit user 2_sassy said.

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Zulu's fluff started to bloom when she just moved into her new home.

reddit @2_sassy

They made her a pillow fort and she loved it!

reddit @2_sassy

She got a sister from another mother. They became inseparable!

reddit @2_sassy

She always wants to know what her human is eating!

reddit @2_sassy

Zulu 'helps' her humans wrap gifts.

reddit @2_sassy

reddit @2_sassy

A year after being adopted, Zulu is the queen of floof in her house!

reddit @2_sassy

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