Adopted Kitten and Pet Rat Become Instant Best Friends


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This kitty just came to her new home. She was immediately greeted by a house pet, a rat. "I was hoping for some magic when they introduced. [I] was not disapopinted," said their human dad via reddit.

He added: "A friend of a family member was looking for a home for her (the kitten). The litter was born on their land..., I was looking to get a cat, so adopted her when I heard.... I was just really close by durring the introduction, and knew both were pretty docile. The kitten was also half-asleep and not overly-playful, so seemed harmless. I didn't put them close by initially, and he (the rat) actually ran up to her.... He was actually grooming her, which I found surprising, given he doesn't even groom his cage-mate."

It seems like a forever friendship in the making.

Kitty meets her new friend:

First introduction:

Best friends in the making:

Photos by PixelVector via Reddit.

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