Adorable Ginger Puffball Pumpkin

Adorable Ginger Puffball Pumpkin


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A pregnant stray cat mother was found by Damon's brother in a field behind his house. She gave birth to a litter of 9 kittens. One of them was a little ginger puffball named Pumpkin.

"These photos were taken on her first visit to the garden, she found the grass a whole lot of fun," said Damon. The little ginger baby was frolicking all over the garden with so much joy and excitement. "She's had lots and lots of love and attention and is a very sweet little kitten."

Damon's brother adopted Pumpkin's mother. Pumpkin and her siblings also found their forever loving homes. She is now with a family with two children who love and adore her.

Photos courtesy of ©Damon Clarke (flickr: bug-boy; Damon's website).

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