Björn the Cat Needs a New Home

Björn the Cat Needs a New Home


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cute tuxedo rescued kitten

Björn was rescued along with his 2 other litter mates Olaf and Inga at six weeks old. "These little babies were born outdoors and were a surprise to the TNR folks who trapped their mom. Turns out when she was trapped they realized the mommy was lactating so they went in search of her babies. After a couple of days these three sweeties were found and they were under a week old," said Jannese.

"Björn is having a blast staying with us but it's time that he pack his bag, got on the kitty train and found an awesome new family. This kitten might be a secret comedian because he certainly knows slapstick comedy. He also is very concerned with keeping the sink and windows shiny. Björn is the first cat that I've met that likes water. He loves a relaxing nap in a wet sink or bathtub, don't be surprised if someone joins you in the shower (by accident)."

Little man is now 6 months old and is desperately searching for his new family. "If you are ready for some comic relief in your life this is the kitten for you."

He is located in Brooklyn New York. If you are interested in adopting Björn, you can contact Jennese at

Photos courtesy of Jannese Rojas (Check out her Tiny Beast Town blog and flickr page)

cute rescued tuxedo kitten

cute rescued tuxedo kitten

cute tuxedo rescue kitten
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