Blind Kitten with 'Backwards' Legs Finds a Second Chance

Blind Kitten with 'Backwards' Legs Finds a Second Chance


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Carmen Bernard of Florida found a tiny kitty on Sunday in the middle of the road and thought she was a baby opossum at first. Her legs were twisted like a pretzel. Carmen thought she had been hit by a car, and took her to the vet first thing Monday morning.

It turned out that the little seal-point kitty was not run over. The vet concluded that she was most likely born that way. Another thing they discovered was that the kitten, around 5 weeks, was completely blind and probably would never be able to see.

Her right leg is partially formed but it is almost put on "backwards", but her front legs seem to work just fine according to her Facebook page. When the vet gave Carmen two options to either put the kitty to sleep or take care of her for the rest of her life since chances of a kitten like her to be adopted are slim, Carmen didn't hesitate and chose the latter. She wrote on Facebook on behalf of the kitty: "You see where I end up. I am going to get the best chance of a 'normal' life starting tonight when I l get to walk (fall and roll) across the keyboard while she tried to write this letter. I have a face (and body) that only a mother could love and I'm glad that she's mine."

In the first few days, she would hiss and spit at Carmen because she was still a bit terrified by human contact. Not being able to see had added a bit of stress on the little kitten. Then one day, with a lot of patience and the constant supply of love, she started purring and gave Carmen a head butt. It was then she began coming out of her shell.

Two days after her rescue, she learned to eat solid food, and no longer needed her human mom to hand feed her.

Today, she's coming along very well and is adjusting to her indoor life beautifully. She may not be able to see at all nor does she move like other kitties, she is happy and living her life to the fullest.

The kitty doesn't have a name yet. Any idea? They named her Plucky Pretzel Wonder.

She is a blind kitty born with "backwards" legs.

Adjusting to her new home and new life

This is what her hind legs look like. She has a little half tail that permanently sticks up.


See her in action:

Updates: Plucky is having her first Christmas:

Photos by Carmen Bernard. Follow kitty's story on Facebook.

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