Bonded Cats Cling to Each Other for Comfort After They Were Given Up to Shelter.. (with Updates)

Bonded Cats Cling to Each Other for Comfort After They Were Given Up to Shelter.. (with Updates)


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Two beautiful cats were confused and scared when they ended up at the shelter together. They clung to each other, and one of them tried to bury her face in her best friend's fur.

The two sister cats huddled against each other cowering under the shelf in a cage.

"These two sweet girls were just abandoned by their owner. They are understandably very stressed, upset and clinging to each other," said Yellow City Shelter Cats - Amarillo, volunteer created page to help rescued cats in Amarillo, TX.

Shelter staff placed them in a cage and they clung to each other for dear life.

A volunteer went to comfort the two kitties and offer them some pets.

The shyer kitty moved herself to the corner and tried to disappear by hiding behind her best friend while the other kitty meowed to the volunteer, pleading for help.

Yellow City Shelter Cats shared a video of the two kitties on their Facebook page and hoped someone could come rescue them and get them into a comfortable home as they don't belong in the shelter.

They clung to each other during the entire time at the shelter.

Updates: A couple hours later, a local rescue group came forward to pull them out of the shelter. The bonded sisters have left the facility for their foster home!

"A foster has stepped up for them and they will be going to rescue," Yellow City Shelter Cats updated.

The two sisters clinging to each other at the shelter.

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