Book store run by Cats

Book store run by Cats


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I recently went to Hong Kong for 2 weeks, and I had heard about a book store that took in rescue cats, of course, being the catlady I am, I had to go and check it out.

When we got there, there was this big white cat that was sitting outside meowing at people passing by, but he wouldn't let anyone touch him. Of course, we knew we were in the right place then. We went inside, and this is not a very big book store, very small. The owner was a young guy, maybe 30, and he was the only one in there. You could tell he really liked cats as there were a numerous amount of cat books, and cat décor.

It was amazing, there were probably 15 cats just lounging around the store. Most of them probably wouldn't survive outside as they were in pretty bad shape.

I have to give props to this guy, it can't be easy to run a book store and care for that many cats.

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