Bottle Fed Alpaca Grew Up With Cats

Bottle Fed Alpaca Grew Up With Cats


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Lacey the alpaca grew up with a couple of cats. This is them cuddling up for a nap together.

"Lacey was our bottle fed alpaca and grew up with the cats... and thought she was one of them :-) She would cuddle up and sleep with them making the worlds warmest pile of fuzz," said A to Z Alpacas.


Lacey a bottle fed alpaca grew up with cats. They love to cuddle up together on the deck for a nap.

Two of her best feline friends.

Warmest pile of fuzz.

Lacey and her best friend hanging out on a sunny day.

Lacey thinks she's a cat just like her kitty friends.

They are inseparable.

Another video of Lacey greeted by Mitten the cat.

Photos via A to Z Alpacas.

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