Cat Becomes Mom to Newly Hatched Chicks

Cat Becomes Mom to Newly Hatched Chicks


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When Kris had their newly hatched quail chicks, her calico cat Nishi started snuggling with them like a mother with her new born kittens. "Our cat, Nishi, enjoys snuggling, and baby quail need to be kept warm all the time.  It’s a win-win situation.  These chicks are about two days old.  Nishi seems to think they’re her babies," said Kris C..

Nishi thinks these are her babies

Nishi cuddles HER babies

"The speckled ones look like they could actually be her babies."

"Check out the tail snuggling action going on here.  None of these photos were posed, and Nishi was totally calm to the point of almost falling asleep the whole time," adds Kris on her blog.

Thanks ©Kris C. for the lovely story and photos and Nishi for being such a great caretaker to her little friends.


Nishi snuggling two little chicks with her tail


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