Cat Can Barely Contain His Fluff, May Be the Longest Cat in the World.. (More Photos)

Cat Can Barely Contain His Fluff, May Be the Longest Cat in the World.. (More Photos)


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This big ginger fella may just be the longest kitty in the world!

Meet Omar the Maine Coon!


Maine Coon cats are known to be one of largest breeds in the feline kingdom. Omar, however, rises on top with his magnificent physique even among the Maine Coons.

The big kitty from Melbourne, Australia is three times the size of a regular house cat, weighing in at 14 kg (31 lbs). Even when Omar was a kitten, he was already the size of an adult cat.

Omar's human Stephy Hirst shared photos of her fluffy Maine Coon on Instagram @omar_mainecoon, and very quickly, they attracted a lot of followers who were simply amazed by the kitty's sheer size and glorious floof.


Recently Guinness World Records contacted Stephy, suggesting that Omar could possibly be the world's longest cat. They haven't visited Omar to give an official measurement as the big fella is still growing.

This is how easy it is for Omar to reach the kitchen countertop.


The fluffy ginger is measured at about 120 centimeters long (47 inches), but that may not be the final measurement as the big kitty still has a couple of years of growing to do.

Omar gets along with two canine friends in the house. The two sheltie dogs appear small when they stand next to their massive Maine Coon buddy.


The big but agile feline is on a diet consisted of raw and dry. He loves napping and often lies on her human dad, Rowan, who often gets buried underneath Omar's incredibly fluffy coat.

The cat tree can barely contain half of his size.


The couch has become his own bed.

"He sleeps on the couch... because he takes up too much room on the bed and he demands we cuddle and pet him all through the night," Stephy told HeraldSun.


"My dad makes a pretty great bed, he has more room on him than mum does," Omar said on Instagram.


Omar has a herculean heart to go with his majestic size.

This happy fluffy boy may just be the longest cat in the world, but all he wants is cuddles and play time with his family :).


He is really agile for a big fella!

When Omar wants a treat...

Share this story with your friends. Follow Omar on Instagram @omar_mainecoon. (h/t: HeraldSun, boredpanda)

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