Fluffy Maine Coon Cat Can't Contain Her Magnificent Floof (9 Photos)


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Pixel the 4-year-old Maine Coon is fabulously fluffy. She came to her humans as a kitten, but even then she was larger than most average adult cats.

Pixel the fluffy cat!

Her fur is so long that it seems to go on forever! Pixel's humans keep her coat neat by brushing it often.

Now fully grown, Pixel has exceeded the size of her human's laptop and when she does the sitting-on-the-keyboard routine, all the keys are buried underneath that fabulous fluffiness.

When Pixel was a kitten, she was bigger than an average adult cat.

Photo: Chissekatten

Pixel leaves a lot of her fur in the house. "(It's) an humongous amount but it's totally worth it!" reddit user Chissekatten said.

Pixel and her magnificent mane!

Photo: Chissekatten

The computer is simply too small!

Photo: Chissekatten

Photo: Chissekatten

Pixel's favorite things - toys and her brush!

Photo: Chissekatten

Soft as a cloud!

Photo: Chissekatten

Photo: Chissekatten

Pixel's fluff is glorious!

Photo: Chissekatten

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