Cat Found on Roadside Surprises His Humans with His True Fluff


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They didn't know this little kitten found on the side of the road would turn out to be a majestic fluffy cat.

Meet Sir Silas and his journey from homeless to happy!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

"Silas before and after! He was left on the side of the road, and near death. We gave him a forever home," Sila's family in Florida wrote on Instagram.

After the little rescue kitty was all cleaned up, they realized what a fluffy cat he really was. They gave him a comfortable home he always wanted, plenty of food, and lots of toys to play with. As he grew bigger, his beautiful fur became even more glorious.

They bought him a little fluffy toy to snuggle with.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

His eyes stayed blue and his fur got fluffier as he got bigger.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

Teen Silas. He was already a very handsome kitty!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

They believe he is a Ragdoll.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

He loves lying on his back, showing off his cute belly and those pink jellybeans!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

Now he joins the humans at dinner, making sure they finish their food.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

"I caught a mouse just for you!"

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

Getting ready for Christmas!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

Sir Silas has grown into big fluffy boy. It's hard to believe he is the same kitten found on the street.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty


Look at that face! :)

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

He loves belly rubs!

Silas is now four years old!

It's good to be the king!

What rescuing can do. Share the story! More info on Instagram.

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