Fluffy Cat Shows Up at Hospital to Offer Patients Cuddles While They are Waiting to be Seen


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A very fluffy cat visits a hospital in London and decides he will offer his human friends cuddles and keep them company while they are waiting to be seen.

Courtesy of Sophie Richman

A couple was waiting in the emergency room at the Whipps Cross hospital when a fluffy cat showed up and stayed with them for hours.

"We found out afterwards that the cat's name is Arthur, although Sophie, my fiancé named him Mr Fuzzy whilst we were there," reddit user DrKrepz told Love Meow.

Arthur is not a stray cat. According to local residents, he lives nearby. When he saunters into the hospital, he will stay as long as he wants. The fluffy cat likes to offer patients cuddles and even sit on their lap while they are waiting to be seen.

Courtesy of Sophie Richman

"The cat was healthy, very clearly well fed and clean. He was so docile and just wanted cuddles and I was more than happy to oblige. All the other patients were more than happy to have him there too," Sophie Ricman said.

Arthur ended up napping on Sophie's lap for hours. "I was happy to wait around while I had the kitty keeping me company."

Courtesy of Sophie Richman

Arthur is loved by the people at the hospital.

Arthur waiting for his chauffeur to arrive.

How majestic!

So fluffy!

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