The Happiness When This Rescue Persian Has a Good Home for the First Time


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Ever since Brimley the cat met his human dad at the rescue, he has shown nothing but love and happiness.

Photo: @brimleycat

This fluffy Persian cat was rescued from a neglectful breeder. He was in terrible shape and his eyes were covered with goop.

Two days after he was taken into Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue, he met his foster dad. It didn't take long for his human friend to fall in love with him.

When Brimley met his foster dad at the rescue...

Photo: @brimleycat

Though Brimley was in rough shape and had a good chance of losing his left eye, with twice daily course of eye drops, eye ointment, oral medication through a syringe, and painkiller pills, both of his eyes healed up naturally (without the need for surgery).

First day at his foster home.

Photo: @brimleycat

"I've actually never been much of a cat person, but completely fell in love with Brimley the second I met him. He's such a sweetheart, relishes having a good home for the first time," Brimley's human dad said.

Brimley doesn't want his human to go to work.

Photo: @brimleycat

Belly rubs make Brimley a very happy kitty!

Photo: @brimleycat

Then he transformed into a beautiful fluff ball!

Photo: @brimleycat

He catmouflages in the sink.

Photo: @brimleycat

He's got new found catutide!

Photo: @brimleycat

So much floof!

Photo: @brimleycat

Brimley never left his foster home.

He chose his foster dad the day they met, and they simply couldn't part with each other.

Photo: @brimleycat

Brimley the cat now! :)

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