Kitten Rescued from Under Car Feels Loved in Her Rescuer's Arms

Kitten Rescued from Under Car Feels Loved in Her Rescuer's Arms


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She was found meowing for help with her brother. They got her out from under a car and straight into their loving arms.

Meet Feist the kitten.


"My mom was taking my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. When they were walking back to the car, two soldiers (she lives near Ft Hood) came up to them and said they heard a cat meowing near the wheel," the daughter told Love Meow.

"So my mom followed the noise and luckily was able to coax her out."

When she was going to take the kitten to the vet, the soldiers came to them with another kitten. "They brought over Feist's brother who was barely holding on after getting hit by a car (they think)."

They took both kittens to the animal hospital but the boy didn't make it. Feist survived.

She looked up to her rescuer, purring in her lap while they were on their way home.


The little tabby gal is about 8 weeks old. She is doing very well and full of energy.

She loves people and even their dogs. The kitten can't get enough of cuddles from her new human friends.

Happy to be safe, warm, and loved.

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