Cat Found After Being Lost for 18 Months


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A black and white cat, Wylie, was found after missing for 18 months. The Edwardsville resident assumed that the little feline was gone, but her 17-year-old son Sean was always hopeful that someday the little one would come back.

Wylie was found last week at Lake Storey thanks to a microchip implanted under his skin. When he was reunited with his owner Powers-Severson, no one could figure out how Wylie ended up in Galesburg which is several hours away from Edwardsville.

The 9 year old cat was seen by a Galesburg Animal Hospital employee and brought to a local animal shelter only to find out that the shelter was at full capacity and unable to take him in. Wylie was then transferred to the Galesburg Animal Hospital where a doctor who examined Wylie found the embedded microchip.

Marla Bell, a receptionist and technician with the Galesburg Animal Hospital uses Wiley to demonstrate the device used to read a tracking number from a chip imbedded in the cat's shoulders area. The cat was found near Lake Storey and was tracked to Lisa Powers, an Edwardsville woman, who drove to Galesburg Friday to reclaim the feline, which had been missing for 18 months.

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