Cat Grew Up in Cage is Given Freedom and Love, She Can't Stop Thanking Her Rescuers

Cat Grew Up in Cage is Given Freedom and Love, She Can't Stop Thanking Her Rescuers


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This precious cat, who lived her entire life in a cage, felt love for the first time after she was rescued. She was hooked and couldn't stop thanking her rescuers.

Photo: Furry Nation Salvation

This affectionate gray kitty grew up in the confines of a dog crate, living in filth and covered in fleas. After she was taken out of a hoarding situation, she was brought to Furry Nation Salvation, a rescue group in New Smyrna Beach, FL. For the first time she was able to enjoy a life with freedom.

She was so happy for all the attention and love she was given by her rescuers that she couldn't stop loving them back.

They named her Lovebug.

"It's easy to see how LoveBug got her name. She is simply an affectionate and trusting kitty and it's surprising that she has such great qualities given the fact at how different her life used to be before she was rescued," Furry Nation Salvation said.

Photo: Furry Nation Salvation

Lovebug came to the rescue group in poor shape. She had a lot of healing to do, but the little fur buddy was full of love and wouldn't let her caregivers go anywhere without some serious snuggles and kisses.

Every day at her foster home, she ran her routine of jumping up and pawing gently at her foster mom Patty's face while giving kisses. She did it many times throughout the day.

"She is just such a lil' love bug!"

Photo: Furry Nation Salvation

They wanted to find this adorable gal a loving home where she could live out the rest of her life, running, jumping and cuddling in bed with her forever humans.

When a family saw Lovebug's story on Facebook, they immediately fell in love. They drove three hours to adopt her.

"This was the home she needed and deserved and we will forever be thankful to this amazing family."

Photo: Furry Nation Salvation

Now named Libby, she is living a life surrounded by love.

"She is an amazing little cat and loves to play a lot! Something I think she never had the chance to do, since being confined all her life," Robert, Libby's forever human, said.

Libby (previously Lovebug) at her forever homePhoto: Robert Clarke

"She likes to fetch with her mouse. Like a little dog she brings it back to me, drops it, and wants to do it again. All of her fur has grown in really nice. She is happy and has become my best furry friend!"

Watch as Lovebug smothers her foster mom with love and kisses:

"She is the best little furry friend anyone could have," Robert said.

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