Cat Hiding in Plain Sight. Can You Find the Kitty?


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Cats are masters of disguise. They are able to blend into their surroundings and hide purrfectly in plain sight. These intelligent creatures can fool us in the game of hide n' seek. After all, they have superb senses and the ability to maneuver into every nook and cranny.

Can you find the kitty?

Scroll down for answers. Here is more catmouflage. Can you find them all?

Kitty in the field.

Kitty is watching...

Grass kitty..

Purrfectly blended in.

The tree cat.

Cat rocks!

Where is the kitty?

Find the big cat!

Are you ready for the answers?

Answers revealed!

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(h/t: wafflesatnoon, reddit, sadanduseless)

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