Cat Insists to 'Help' His Human with Gardening Every Time


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Gardening tends to take much longer for this guy because his cat insists to "help" every single time.

Meet Wiske the gardening cat.

Courtesy: Swakke The Cat & Wiske

Wiske the cat loves to lend a helping paw when his human dad is out in the yard. "Our cat helps out in his own way with our gardening," Simon Newport told Love Meow.

Ever since Wiske discovered the green lawn, the bushes and all the fun stuff, he has volunteered himself to "help" out every time Simon does something outside.

"There's a hunter lurking in there, soon to be unleashed probably! But at the moment he's more than happy to just chase dirt and sticks and anything that seems even remotely interesting!"

Courtesy: Swakke The Cat & Wiske

Wiske has to 'help' no matter what his human is doing.

Watch this cute video:

Intermittently, he demands some play time with Simon by bringing him a stick. He will chase it, fetch it and carry it around.

It's their favorite game.

Courtesy: Swakke The Cat & Wiske

Wiske chasing a stick around. He may just be part dog.

After a long day of helping his human with his gardening work, Wiske snuggles up with his best friend Swakke for a snooze.

Courtesy: Swakke The Cat & Wiske

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