Rescue Cat Mama and Her Babies Help a Teeny Motherless Kitten..

Rescue Cat Mama and Her Babies Help a Teeny Motherless Kitten..


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A rescue cat mother and her litter of kittens helped a tiny orphaned kitten who was in need of motherly love.

Cat mama nursing her new born kittens. When they were rescued, the kittens were just hours old.Green Street Rescue

A cat mama and her five little kittens were abandoned at the vet's doorstep. A tiny orphaned kitten was desperately looking for a mother's love. When the sweet mama saw the kitten, she took to her and started caring for her as her own.

"I work for Green Street Rescue, a non profit organization in Philadelphia, PA. We received a call from a vet that when they were opening, they found a box with these guys in it," Jonny of Green Street Rescue wrote via reddit.

"They were just hours old."

Green Street Rescue

At the same time, a white kitten who was much smaller than her age, came to her foster's home without a mother.

The rescue group decided to try introducing the kitten to the cat mama, hoping she would accept her. And she did with open arms!

Protective mama cat and her kitten at one month!Green Street Rescue

"Our organization is just five people, but we've rescued 200 cats this year alone," he added.

This white kitty (on the left) came as an orphan. She's two weeks older than the others, but much smaller than her age.

Green Street Rescue

"Everything is going to be all right, little one. I am your mom now!"

Green Street Rescue

Learning to eat solid food! A bit messy but making progress!

Green Street Rescue

Awww! Little cross-eyed kitty showing off his jelly beans!

Green Street Rescue

What a happy furry family!

The little orphan (on top of Mom) is fitting in just fine :).

Green Street Rescue


The furry family has graduated from their foster home and moved into their forever loving homes.

Green Street Rescue

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