Couple Saves Emaciated Shelter Cat from Death Row, After a Month of Cuddles...


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A ginger cat was found on the streets in a Bronx Park, New York, emaciated weighing in at only 7 lbs. He was taken to a shelter where he was deemed "unadoptable" until a couple found him and came to his rescue.

Meet JJ Swattington!

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

"He was found as a stray in a NYC park. Even in his emaciated state he was quite friendly and open to human contact," Danny told Love Meow.

When Danny's girlfriend, Hannah, learned from the shelter that the ginger cat was scheduled to be euthanized, she immediately contacted them and got him out in the nick of time.

Before they found JJ, the couple was planning to adopt an older cat. When Hannah saw the scrawny little guy, she knew he was the one.

JJ was severely underweight. When he arrived in his new home, all he wanted was cuddle.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

"When we first got JJ, he was extremely frail so he did a lot of curling up in bed and slept/ate most of the day. He would also purr non stop as a coping mechanism."

After a month of recovering with lots of love and cuddles, JJ became much more active and started to explore around the apartment.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

"He was 7 lbs when he was found, and now he's up to about 13 lbs but his appetite still knows no bounds," Danny said.

The shelter estimated him to be about 10 years old. "As he gets healthier he seems younger and more spry."

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

JJ loves to play, meow for attention and even chat with his humans to tell them his feelings.

"He loves to swat at things, rubbing on catnip, going up and down the stairs and of course above all eating copious amounts of wet food and taking lots of catnaps!" Danny told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

6 months after he left the shelter, he turned into a completely different cat.

"He's back to full health and causing mayhem around the apartment."

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

JJ the cat went from a pitiful 7 pounds to a healthy 13 pounds.

The sad face that they saw when he was at the shelter is now gone forever.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

It's been over a year since they rescued JJ out of the shelter. He's almost doubled his weight and tripled his energy.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

"He's brought a lot of joy into our lives!"

This rambunctious ginger boy absolutely loves life and continues to melt people's hearts with his endless charm.

Courtesy of Hannah and Danny @jj_swattington

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