Dexter the Ginger Kitty Turns Man into Cat Lover

Dexter the Ginger Kitty Turns Man into Cat Lover


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For many years Peter's fiancee Anna dreamed of a red ginger cat. "She told me about it when we met two years ago. Even though I was  more of a dog person back then, I thought I would help her make her dream come true," said Peter.

"Five months ago, we moved into our own new flat. Finally there is enough space for us to have a pet," said Peter. They immediately thought about getting a cat, so they rented a car and drove 497 miles (800 km) back and forth in one day to pick up their new kitty, Dexter.

"Dexter has been with us for 13 days now and we are just getting to know each other, but it's already clear that he is exactly what we expected and more." The little ginger boy is very cuddly and loves to be groomed and pampered. He is full of positive energy and unrelenting cuteness and love. It did not take long for this little charmer to wiggle himself into Peter's heart, turning him into a big cat lover today.

"We are already thinking about getting another cat to keep Dexter company while we are at work," Peter added.

Photos courtesy of ©Peter Hołoweńko.

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