Dolphin the Expressive Kitty

Dolphin the Expressive Kitty


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Dolphin just turned 14 this year. No one knows when she was born. When Faureing found her, she was a few months old, so they made May as her official birth month.

Dolphin lives with six other kitties in the house  (see Flik the cat, Fruit the fluffy cat, & Bao the oldest cat). She is the second oldest, but she still looks like a kitten :).

Dolphin is an affectionate little girl. Though she may seem pudgy in some pictures, she is pretty small compared to other cats in the house weighing only 6.1lbs (2.8kg).

Dolphin got her name because her belly is as white and shiny as a dolphin. She has an interesting personality and is very expressive. She often sits on her mommy's notebooks, trying to help and give pointers.

Photos courtesy of ©Faureing. You can visit Dolphin and the Neko Mansion at their mommy’s flickrYouTube channel and blog (Chinese).

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