Drogo The Tiny Orphan Kitten: Then & Now


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Meet Drogo, who was found as a tiny orphan, but now he's a fierce hunter of socks.

"I rescued him as an adorable orphan kitten, and now he's a fierce hunter of socks and insects," the human wrote via reddit.

"I named him Drogo because it was funny back when he was a tiny harmless kitten, but now that he's big and likes to play rough, it fits him really well."

Meet Drogo. They rescued him as a tiny little orphan kitten.

They gave him a comfortable home and plenty of love.

Drogo is always curious and playful.

Here he's demanding attention from his human.

Drogo'sĀ all grown up now. What a handsome boy.

He's a fierce hunter of socks and insects.

Photos via imgur.

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