ER Doctor Brings Nearly Lifeless Stray Cat Back to Life

ER Doctor Brings Nearly Lifeless Stray Cat Back to Life


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An ER doctor saved the life of a stray cat who was trapped in a revolving door, barely hanging on.

Photo: Halil Akyürek

It was nothing short of a miracle how this kitty survived.

No one expected what was about to happen to this little white stray cat in Istanbul, Turkey, when he suddenly entered the Özel Akgün Tem Hospital through a revolving door, and almost ended his life there .

As a man was leaving the facility at the front door, the cat attempted to walk inside, and got caught between a glass panel and the door jamb.

The stray kitty could barely breathe. When the man noticed the cat, he was in shock and immediately stopped the door, but the cat was already wedged between.

Facebook/Özel Akgün Tem Hastanesi

People inside the hospital who noticed what happened were in disbelief. They began to look for ways to rescue the cat before it became too late.

Halil Akyürek, an emergency room doctor sprinted to the rescue. It's his job to deal with adverse and often traumatic situations. Now a cat was in peril, and he was determined to do everything within his power to save the kitty.

Photo: Özel Akgün Tem Hastanesi

"He was struggling and having trouble breathing. I put my hand on the back of his head and properly removed him from the door. We immediately began CPR," Akyürek told Haber Turk. (thedodo)

The kitty was almost lifeless when they freed him from the door. They tried to massage his heart in order to bring him back to life.

Akyürek and other doctors gave the kitty oxygen to help him breathe. Akyürek contacted a veterinarian who advised them the right medicines and instructions to help the kitty heal.

Not only did the kitty regain consciousness, but also his energy went up.

Photo: Halil Akyürek

Everyone was so inspired by this little feline's amazing spirit and fight, especially Akyürek, who decided to named him Miracle.

The next thing he knew, this little miracle kitty was already latched onto him, purring away.

He gave him a home and made him part of his family.

Photo: Halil Akyürek

Miracle follows his human around, keeping him company always.

Photo: Halil Akyürek

The dramatic video of the rescue:

Happy and loved, cuddling with his rescuer, now forever human.

Photo: Halil Akyürek

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