Rescuer Sings the Song of Meows, 10+ Feral Kittens Come Running

Rescuer Sings the Song of Meows, 10+ Feral Kittens Come Running


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When a rescuer started singing the song of the kitties, one by one, more than 10 feral kittens came running. It was quite a scene.

YouTube/DrNworb's KitsCats

"3 nursing mums and 20 kittens of different ages were rescued from a fish plant by Mona Boucher and her fabulous meows," Doug of DrNworb's KitsCats said.

The younger kittens were attracted to Mona's meowing and all came out from their hiding spot. When they reached the fence, Mona grabbed them through a hole underneath it. She set out traps to catch the bigger kittens and their feral cat mamas, so they could all get the care they needed to thrive.

"They responded to her meows and all came running out of the bushes. Such smart kittens," Doug said.

All the babies were taken into Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association for a second chance at life. Seven of the kittens came to Doug's foster home and their new adventures began.

Dr Nworb's KitsCats

Their mother cat is very feral, but the kittens are young enough to adapt to an indoor life very quickly.

They learned that humans can be good companions for cuddles and naps.

Dr Nworb's KitsCats

Handsome brothers!

Dr Nworb's KitsCats

Loving their new life.

Dr Nworb's KitsCats

Watch their journey to their loving homes in this adorable video:

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