Family Meets a Kitten at Rescue and Discovers How Close She is with Another Kitten, They Can't Separate Them

Family Meets a Kitten at Rescue and Discovers How Close She is with Another Kitten, They Can't Separate Them


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A family came to meet a kitten at a rescue and discovered how close she was with another kitten. They couldn't separate them.

kitten best friendsInga and IrmaBestFriends Felines

Irma (black and white kitten) was brought into Best Friends Felines (a cat rescue in Brisbane, AU) along with her siblings and cat mother after they lost their home. From the start, her sister, Inga (grey and white), would stay by her side as if to protect her.

The rescue quickly noticed something different about one of Irma's eyes and suspected that she had "eyelid agenesis", a congenital condition in which a portion of the eyelid is not formed.

Inga would lie next to Irma or drape over her like a blanket at nap time, as if she knew Irma needed extra TLC.

kittens best friends snugglingBestFriends Felines

After consulting a specialist, it was confirmed that Irma was born with the condition. She would need corrective surgery (to freeze the hair follicles around her eye permanently) to prevent irritation to the cornea.

When they first came to their foster home, the two were nervous and unsure. With a comfy space, plenty of good food, and constant support from each other, they warmed up to their carers.

sweet kittenIrma was born with eyelid agenesis on one eyeBestFriends Felines

"After living rough for a while and not in the best condition, at first they were untrusting of the kindness of humans, but now they adore their people," Best Friends Felines shared.

Inga blossomed into a social butterfly and no longer hesitated to hop on a warm lap for snuggles. Irma liked to follow in her paw-steps and hone her feline skills by mimicking Inga.

sweet grey kittenIngaBestFriends Felines

They would tear around the house as partners in mischief, and when they tired out, they would snooze as a happy, rumbling duo. Irma found great comfort in her sister, and whenever she needed a cuddle, Inga was always there.

After the surgery, Inga showered her sister with purrs and love and accompanied her throughout recovery.

snuggly kittens best friendsThey are inseparableBestFriends Felines

Knowing how much the sisters depended on each other, the rescue hoped that a wonderful family would scoop them up together and cherish both forever.

Around that time, Belinda and her family were planning to add a new addition to their household. They came across Inga and were instantly smitten.

sleeping kittens best friendsBestFriends Felines

They arranged for a meet-and-greet with the sweet girl, but in the back of their minds, they were ruminating about adopting a pair.

The family came to learn that Inga had a sibling with whom she shared a close bond. When they were taken to meet them, they knew right away that the two sisters should stay together.

kittens best friendsBestFriends Felines

"The moment they met Inga and her sister Irma, and saw how close they were, they knew they had to adopt them both," Best Friends Felines added.

Irma and Inga, now Rosie and Twinkle, bade farewell to their carers and headed to their forever home.

cute kittenIrma recovered fully after surgeryBestFriends Felines

The two best friends quickly settled in and started romping around the place like they owned it.

"They are so loved and have brought so much joy to our lives already. We feel so lucky to have found these two sassy girls," Belinda shared.

playful kittensThe sisters, now Rosie and Twinkle, have found their forever home togetherBestFriends Felines

In no time, the two kittens plopped down on their human siblings' laps, snuggling away, staying within eyesight of each other.

lap catsThey now have warm laps to sit on and people to snuggle with, alwaysBestFriends Felines

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