Featured Story: My Cat Buster

Featured Story: My Cat Buster


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Courtesy of Laura Kelly:

I always cry inside when I tell my story. Buster is my kitty, today he is 14 years old. I have had buster since the day he was born,orange and fluffy.

I had a roomy house and had about ten tenants. Buster was 8 months old when he was becoming a dad. He loved his wife. They were inseparable.  When Buster's wife was giving birth Buster was there with his paw on his wife's paw, licking her gently as she gave birth. I never seen anything so spectacular.

Buster was a wonderful dad and husband he played with his babies and slept with the mommy and babies. One morning a tenant came to my room screaming that my kittens were gone, in disbelief I went to the cats' room and yes, the 2week old kittens (3) were gone. The mommy was there but no sight of buster! I was hysterical that my baby kitties and my buster were gone. Immediately I called the SPCA to see if anyone had found 3 baby kitties and my buster. The mother CAT was frantic.

Later that day we received a phone call that the baby kitties were found at the mall in a box a block away. The same night I went to see the tenant responsible for stealing my babies out of my home. Within a week of time I had made headline news 3 times and sent out hundreds of posters to find Buster. I offered a 100.00 dollar reward for his safe return. I walked for miles in hopes that someone would have seen him.

I spoke to anyone in the neighborhood who would listen. Nothing. I prayed all the time. I was devistated. Four months later a friend came to me and said he had seen buster running around downtown. At first I did not believe him but then I saw buster for myself. I could not catch him because he was scared. We put a trap out into the construction site he was living in. Next morning he was there and that morning he was in my arms, shaken and looking like road kill.

Buster became the husband he always was and the dad he wanted to be. Busters' wife past away a few years later and BJ (Buster Junior) lived to be 10. Now Buster is just with me. It pays to have favor with God. We live in big city. What was the chance I would get buster back?

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