2 Feral Cats Reunited and Wouldn't Let Go of Each Other, Here's Their Love Story

2 Feral Cats Reunited and Wouldn't Let Go of Each Other, Here's Their Love Story


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Two feral cats were reunited and wouldn't let go of each other. This is their love story.

Meet Maravel and Neelix!

Photo: TinyKittens

Maravel and Neelix were born in a feral cat colony with over 200 other cats. When volunteers from TinyKittens, a rescue group in British Columbia, trapped Needlix, she was found pregnant. "She gave birth for the last time in our care," the rescue group said.

As loving as she was as a mom, Neelix was very skeptical about humans and was not ready to share a home with the non furry kind.

Meanwhile, Maravel was warming up to his caregivers and getting more friendly every day. Then one day, the rescuers decided it was time to take him in and help him find a home. "We thought Neelix might enjoy his company while she recovered from her spay."

They took Maravel to meet Neelix for the first time after she was rescued. "What happened next shocked us."

Photo: TinyKittens

It was clear to everyone that the two rescue feral cats shared an unbreakable bond. They couldn't get enough of each other's presence.

Photo: TinyKittens

"He made her feel safe, and she adored him."

Watch the full story in this video:

When it comes to rehoming the two inseparable friends, it wasn't easy.

"After 76 days, a wonderful couple fell in love with our little lovebirds, and gave them a home where they will grow old together."

Photo: TinyKittens

"Our awesome snuggle crew played a huge role in this furry tail ending," TinyKittens said. "They made sure Maravel and Neelix were entertained, loved and stuffed with treats almost every day of the 76 days since the two were reunited. That's a lot of snuggle hours."

Photo: TinyKittens

Share this beautiful story with your friends. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, consider making a donation. Follow TinyKittens on Facebook. Follow Maravel and Neelix on Facebook.

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