Feral Kitten, See Her Transformation!

Feral Kitten, See Her Transformation!


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A few weeks ago, they rescued a feral kitten. See her amazing transformation!

"We've been catching up and fixing a colony in our neighborhood for a while now. Most of the cats are under the impression that they belong to us now, and so we're in the possession of ten cats that live outside our house. We've kept a couple for inside kitties over the years and they have made the most excellent cats. Little Bou had a URI so bad her eyes were glued shut for most of her life and she's half the size she should be at her age. Bless her heart! She's already got me wrapped around her little claw now though," Bou's rescuer wrote via reddit.

"We've done TNR for the rest of the colony, but this little one is feral no more :) still shy, but working on her social lapcat skills," she added.

First day home. Bou was very shy. "This was just a few minutes after I hauled her little feral butt inside. She hid behind the toilet and wouldn't let me get any closer."

To the vet! "A few weeks later, she's on her way to her first vet visit. Turns out she has both FIV and ringworm."

After her ringworm bath. "Still purring. Although she did try to take my arm off during the process."

All cleaned up!

Cuddling with her rescuer. "Thank you for saving me..."

Photos via imgur.

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