Former Stray with Two Fancy Teeth, Eyes the Size of Quarters, a Single Freckle and a Ton of Cattitude


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This kitty only has two fancy pearly whites, a single freckle on her nose, and eyes the size of quarters. She has a cute underbite because her top teeth never developed, but what she lacks in teeth, she makes it up in cattitude!

Seven years ago, she was found as a stray along with her sisters. "She was a week old when I got her outside," reddit user fhujeth wrote. "She is always disappointed looking..."

They named her 'Bugsy Junior' due to her resemblance of their cat Bugsy and the family was planning to foster her until she was old enough for adoption. But she never left...

"She's pro at keeping the house alright."

Giving you a disappointed look as you walk by...

Those adorable chubby lips!

Her expression :I is priceless!

"We are watching you!"

"What do I think about this sink...?"


"Ahh the sun. :I"

The face she gives when her humans try to close their bathroom door...

She may disapprove you but she knows she is right!

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