Four Fuzzy Kittens Found at Garage Sale Get a Second Chance

Four Fuzzy Kittens Found at Garage Sale Get a Second Chance


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These tiny kittens were dropped off at a garage sale one weekend. When Kate S. discovered the furry little ones, she was determined to help them find the perfect foster home.

Kate found a rescue who could take care of the kitties, since four 2-week-old kittens can be very demanding. Her friend Anje T. immediately contacted an experienced fosterer Kimberly Jennery who has fostered countless baby kittens. "We're kind of full up already, but… well, it was definitely meant to be," said Kimberly J..

So the journey began. Kimberly bottle fed the fuzzy little ones every two hours round the clock along with a few other foster kittens that she currently cares for. It's a full house of fuzzy cuteness and surely keeps Kimberly and her family's hands full, but seeing how quickly the kitties grow and thrive, it's absolutely rewarding.

Meet the fosters: Woodstock (top, ginger kitty with extra toes), Lucy (bottom, only girl), Rerun (top, cream kitty) and Linus (center).

After a very needed bath...

First day wandering on the floor, but they ended up on Kimberly feet

Lunch time! Nom nom nom!

Lucy and Woodstock. Beyond cute!

Linus and Woodstock, snuggling

Lap time with all the fosters in the house, All six bitties, with a peeking Harley

story of the grey and black fosters

Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery. More Kimberly’s fosters at her blog.

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