From Feral to Loving & Friendly

From Feral to Loving & Friendly


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This is a remarkable story of an ex-feral kitten that was saved and brought to a rescue in Japan. They transported the kitten in a cardboard box. By the time they opened the box, the kitten was frightened, hissing and growling.

In the first video you can see how the kitten changed from completely distrustful of humans to starting to relax while getting his face cleaned by a rescuer.

The kitten is still kind of skittish in the second video, but he has begun to trust the rescuers more and more each day. They take the kitty out of the cage and wipe down his face, bonding with him gently. You can see from the way his tail curls when he is lying on the pink blanket. He seems to be completely submissive (same type of submission kittens exhibit to their mother cat) and shows no sign of aggression at all.

The third video was taken on the 4th day after the kitten was brought to the rescue. The kitten was still a bit guarded with people, but had improved greatly. The rescuer could pet him and play feather wand with him. You can see how he sticks up his tush, raises his tail and bumps his head against the rescuer's hand when the rescue is petting him. What a great progress is that! At the end of the video, he looked so happy and comfortable.

This story simply amazes me of how beautiful cats are. They are lovely creatures that need our love and care and in return they give us so much gratitude, joy and fun. Isn't it the most rewarding thing?


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