Cat Lost an Eye But Changed a Man's Life Forever!


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A ginger cat lost an eye but was given a second chance at life. He found a loving human and changed his life forever.

Meet Odin the cat!

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

A tiny kitten was found with a severe eye infection all by himself.

"He was abandoned at a vet's office around 2 weeks old with a pretty severe eye infection. The vet had plans to euthanize him the next morning, but one of the techs smuggled him out of the office and contacted Angels Among Us," Stevie Richards told Love Meow.

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They couldn't save one of Odin's eyes, but they saved his life.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Stevie was in the process of adopting another cat from the organization when Odin found him.

"We had already been looking to adopt Mia, an FIV+ rescue, when the opportunity to adopt Odin was presented."

When he met the little ginger kitten, it was love at first sight.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Odin and Mia were adopted together!

First meal at his forever home with his sister from another mother, Mia.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Since Odin lost his eye at a very young age, he doesn't notice he's any different.

"I can't say he's just like every other cat, because he's not. There is not another Odin anywhere in the world," Stevie told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Odin demands food meow!

Odin knows he looks fierce!

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

"Odin's personality resembles that of a dog. As a matter of fact, one of our dogs Megan (another ginger) has taken a maternal role since he was a baby.

"He LOVES food and snuggling even more. When the mood strikes him, he makes rounds to every animal and person in the house to give head bumps/kisses," Stevie told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Every time Stevie has dinner, his three furry companions stare at his plate until the last bit is gone.

"This is every dinner for the rest of my life and I love it."

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

"This is the pecking order in my household."

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Odin weighing in on a scale. It reads purrfect!

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

When the sink is occupied, the human has to wait.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

Odin supervising his human dad when he works.

"I'm sure it's no surprise that life without Odin is unimaginable. He is absolutely engrained into our hearts and souls and a member of the family.

"A part of me would die if anything ever happened to him. He's my baby boy," Stevie said.

Courtesy of Stevie Richards @stevierichards

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