Cat Couldn't Find Home Due to Her "Bad" Eye, Woman Saves Her and the Kitty Returns the Favor

Cat Couldn't Find Home Due to Her "Bad" Eye, Woman Saves Her and the Kitty Returns the Favor


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A cat couldn't find a home because of her "bad" eye. She was hiding in the corner in a cage until a young woman took her out of the shelter and into her loving home.

Meet Elsa the cat.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"Elsa and I met at the county shelter about a year and a half ago now. I was searching for adoptable cats in the area, and when I saw her little picture I immediately knew I wanted to meet her," Mara Smith told Love Meow.

"Upon learning that her name was Elsa (my favorite character from "Frozen"), that she was special needs, and that her birthday (according to the shelter) was my fiance and I's anniversary, I felt like it was meant to be."

Elsa was sharing a little cage with two other cats when Mara met her. She was hiding in the corner, avoiding all the action while the other two cats were playing.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"I went over to her cage, looked into her little blue eye, and requested that someone take her out for me. She was very sweet, but very lethargic."

The kitty had been in the cage for over six months. She was not feeling well and confused.

The next morning, Mara took Elsa out of the shelter so she could have a place to call home. "From what I know, she was there for the majority of her short life prior to my adopting her."

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

As soon as Elsa arrived in her new home, her personality began to shine. She came out of her shell and became a completely different cat!

"She took to her new home very quickly, trotting around and sniffing everything with vigor. Within a few hours, she acted like she owned the place, and then curled up on the couch right next to me for our first nap together. It was very emotional for me," Mara told Love Meow.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"It was amazing that we just loved each other instantly, and that there was so much trust. She immediately became my little shadow, and she makes my day every day."

Watching her human wash dishes in the kitchen.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

Elsa wasn't happy in the shelter partly due to her many ailments.

"She was so tiny! I quickly realized that she had a respiratory infection and she also didn't seem to be able to hear, so I took her to the vet. I also learned she had an immune disorder, got her vaccinated, and got her all taken care of."

The once quiet kitty, who hid in the corner of the cage, now follows her human everywhere she goes.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"She watches and repeats everything I do. She is also a veryvocal little lady," Mara told Love Meow.

"I like to scoop her up and carry her around like a baby, and she just sits there like a loaded baked potato, purring away, until she decides she wants to go cause trouble and knock over any cups she can find or find a nice spot in the sun to snooze."

Elsa has changed her human's life tremendously. She was there for her human mom during many difficult times. "Having her in my life has definitely made every day brighter."

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"Having her be so trusting and needing me has been incredibly humbling and heart-warming.

"I don't know what I'd do without her!"

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

"She is now a very happy, sweet cat - I don't even realize that she's missing an eye or that she's deaf anymore."

A year ago, Mara saved little Elsa and gave her a forever home. The one-eyed cat returned the favor by rescuing her too.

Courtesy: @theoneeyedsnowqueen

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