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One-eyed Cat with Snaggletooth was Born This Way. He Knows He's Perfectly Handsome!


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This fluffy boy may look a bit different, and he was born this way but he knows he's perfectly handsome!

Meet Willie the cat!

"I've had Willie for 4 years now and he's the love of my life," Kristen told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Willie was adopted by Kristen when he was just a kitten. He may never know who his cat dad (a neighborhood stray) is, but he surely has passed down the fluff to little Willie since his birth mother is a short haired black cat.

"He has been deformed since birth, but thankfully is in perfect health!

"From the day I first saw him we have been inseparable. Everyone said he wouldn't make it when he was born because he really did look rough, but I knew he would," Kristen told Love Meow.

When Willie was a kitten...Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Willie was born with only one eye and a crooked jaw due to part of his skull that never fully developed, and he ended up with an adorable snaggletooth.

"He just so happens to have a cleft pallet that his little tooth fits perfectly in. I also always wear a necklace that has his baby snaggletooth in it," Kristen said.

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Willie likes to show off his famous snaggletooth with his permanent wink! The handsomeness he has!

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Willie turned out to be the sweetest and the most loving cat.

"He's just a big ole sweet baby that sleeps in my arms every night. He's super sweet and definitely a mama's boy.

"He always wants to snuggle. He's very vocal and is always waiting for me at the door when I come home," Kristen told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Kristen recently rescued another kitty who lost an eye due to infection, and she nursed her back to health. Willie loves his new one-eyed fur buddy and treats her like a sister.

"So now he has a sister named one-eyed Millie. They're both precious."

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

He's a big kitty, full of curiosity!

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

The look you get when he hears treats :).

Courtesy of Kristen @1eyed_willie

Every time his human mom is in the bathroom, Willie comes to make sure she is ok.

Willie you are perfect just the way you are! Share this story with your friends!

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