Feral Kitten Born with Shorter Legs Than His Siblings Doesn't Let Anything Slow Him Down


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A stray cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, but one of them whose front legs never fully developed, didn't run as fast as his siblings, but he quickly won over his rescuers' hearts.

Meet Mouse the cat!

Courtesy: Best Friends Animal Society

Mouse was born as a feral kitten. He was brought into the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Salt Lake City along with his mom and siblings.

"The staff and volunteers were able to tame him down enough at the kitten nursery," Barbara Williamson of Best Friends Animal Society told Love Meow.

Soon they realized that Mouse was not only a little wild, he had a congenital deformity. "His front legs were not developing normally. So, Mouse was placed into foster care."

Courtesy: Best Friends Animal Society

As soon as Mouse came to his foster home, he fit in almost immediately. The little tuxedo began to snuggle with the resident cat, and they quickly discovered his sweet nature and adorable personality. All it took was a little bit of love, and he recipercated in purrs and cuddles.

"He soon demonstrated that he was a brave and adventurous little guy – and admitted he liked being a house cat. Healthy, strong and at ease around others."

Courtesy: Best Friends Animal Society

He has the sweetest little meow. [Scroll down for video]

YouTube/Best Friends Animal Society

Mouse soon caught up in speed and strength with his siblings despite having shorter front legs. He wasn't going to let his deformity hamper him in any way.

Courtesy: Best Friends Animal Society

When it was time for him to find his forever home, a lovely couple fell for this adorable guy.

"Mouse was adopted by Lana and Curtis Crichton who fell in love with him at the Salt Lake Pet Adoption Center. Now this spunky little guy is one happy and very loved kitty."

Mouse knew right away he was home!

Courtesy: Best Friends Animal Society

He got a new name: Smalls.

Today, Smalls is as rambunctious as he can be. His humans love him to bits.

YouTube/Best Friends Animal Society

Watch the full story in this video:

What a second chance can do! Share his story and help kitties like Smalls find their forever loving homes!

You can help their rescue efforts by visiting Best Friends website or following them on Facebook.

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