He's Rescued and Found His New Partner, Who Thought the Stache Was His Mom.. (with updates)


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A tiny orphaned kitten found his way onto his human's shoulder.

"My new partner is kind of a puss. (He) thought the stache was (his) mom."

Courtesy: Donut Operator

This tiny kitten with many toes was found abandoned all by himself.

"Another officer found it under a trash dumpster in the rain and thought I'd be able to help it," Cody, who goes by Donut Operator on Instagram, said.

He put the kitten in a box and took him home to his new mama, a stray cat that he rescued. He named the orphaned kitten Squirt.

Toothless the mama cat welcomed the tiny ginger boy into her furry family.

Courtesy: Donut Operator

Squirt snuggling with his new siblings.

Courtesy: Donut Operator

Pure love!

Courtesy: Donut Operator

Watch this cute video:


What a handsome looking fella!

Courtesy: Donut Operator

"Can't get any work done with this guy hanging around."

Courtesy: Donut Operator

Squirt has all grown up now!

They got a new member in the family. Squirt gives the tiny one some cuddles.

Courtesy: Donut Operator

Squirt says hello!

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