Baltimore Police Officer Protects And Serves Both Two Legs And Four Paws


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Baltimore police officer Jon Boyer who adopted the kitten he rescued, has pledged to protect and serve whether you've got two legs or four paws.

Boyer found a little stray and brought her into the shelter. A few hours later, he came back and adopted the kitten who became one of Boyer's three on-the-job rescue kitties. [Full story]

Boyer continues protecting and helping lives of humans and our furry friends in the city of Baltimore.

This is Penny one of the kitties Boyer and his partner officer Brian Dreitlein recently rescued. Dreitlein wrote: "We found her on the 1900 block of Pennsylvania Ave. She sat on his shoulder and looked out the window the whole car ride to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter)." Boyer hopes to find the kitty a new home. "If she didn't get adopted I'm probably going to take her," he said.  (Facebook)

Lily the cat, one of his three on-the-job rescue kitties.

Boyer and Lily now!

"Jon Boyer's oath to protect and serve holds true whether you've got two legs or four paws."

Last 2 photos by ©Leo Howard Lubow. Follow Show Your Soft Side for more stories.

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