ginger orphaned kitten rescued from market

Orphaned Kitten Walked Up to Woman Meowing to Be Taken Home. She Didn't Even Have a Chance!


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A miniature ginger kitten wandered into a market, meowing aloud. When a woman passed by, he ran up to her, begging to be taken home. She didn't even have a chance!

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

Two years ago, Orange the cat was wandering at a market in the Philippines all by himself. "He was meowing and all dirty," Haj Mamorno told Love Meow.

When he saw Mamorno, he was all over her and wouldn't let her pass. "I couldn't just leave him, so I brought him home and fed him," she said.

The kitten scarfed down the food and purred up a storm on the first day home.

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

He started making himself at home as Mamorno woke up every 3-4 hours to give him food and love. "I placed toys beside him to keep him company when he napped."

Orange began to put on ounces!

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

As he grew, he became very attached to his human mom.

"He was always on my shoulder always curious about what I'm doing."

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

He bonded with Mamorno's son and cuddled with him every night.

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

He grew by leaps and bounds. So did his ears!

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

All grown up now! It's hard to believe he's the same tiny kitten from the market.

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

"He's a good nanny as I have been feeding other strays in our place. When mommy cats bring their kittens to my doorstep, he helps care for the kittens in exchange for a bit of kitten milk as perks."

With proper care, plenty of love and a comfortable home, look at Orange now!

Courtesy of Haj Mamorno

When a cat chooses you, it means forever!

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