Kitten Abandoned in Box All Alone, Finds Her Way into 20 People's Hearts


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An orphaned kitten was found in a box, desperately looking for a mother's love. The kind woman, who rescued her, took the kitten to work to bottle feed, and the tiny fur baby found love in everyone's heart.

Meet Tiger!

Photo: Angela Sy

"My friend Kelly found a kitten in a toppled over box outside her house," Angela Sy said. When the little tabby kitten walked onto her palm as she put her hand out, she knew the kitten had picked her to be her new mom.

"We found out she's a one month old girl and doc said she's very underweight," Sy added. "She needed food every few hours so Kelly brought her to work every day."

Photo: Angela Sy

The moment little Tiger chose Kelly to be her new mom. The kitten purred up a storm in her palm.

Photo: Angela Sy

She was underweight and needed around the clock care, so Kelly brought her to work and nursed her back to health.

Photo: Angela Sy

Everyone at the office came to show the kitten some love and cuddles.

Photo: Angela Sy

She got to play on a skateboard for the first time. They were all cheering for her.

Photo: Angela Sy

Little Tiger even helped the humans with their work. Typing on the keyboard was her forte.

Photo: Angela Sy

When she started eating solid food, she made everyone so proud. They celebrated every milestone for their little furry friend.

Photo: Angela Sy

Tiger has brought a lot of joy to the office. It's hard to get work done sometimes, but everyone looks forward to coming to work everyday because of this little bean of sunshine.

When Kelly found the little tabby, she was all alone in the box. But now she has a loving home and about 20 aunts and uncles from the office who love her to bits.

Photo: Angela Sy

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