Kitten With Broken Jaw Comforts a Very Shy Kitty Who is In Need of Love

Kitten With Broken Jaw Comforts a Very Shy Kitty Who is In Need of Love


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Jenifer Hurt of Wrenn Rescues (in Ventura County, California) was contacted about several kittens needing help.

Among them, there was Chester, an orange tabby, who had a broken jaw.

Wrenn Rescues

Two months ago, Chester came to the rescue with challenging injuries. Despite being in rough shape, he was kneading his paws in the air and purring up a storm.

"The second we walked in the room we could hear an immediate purr motor going. He had no clue his jaw was broken," Alissa Smith, Jenifer's rescue partner at Wrenn Rescues, told Love Meow. "He has been regularly difficult for the vets to hear his heartbeat because he purrs so incredibly loud."

After getting surgery to fix his jaw, Chester went to his foster home with Mel Lamprey.

Wrenn Rescues

"With wires in, four teeth lost, necrotic tissue removed, and plenty of pain medication, he's here recuperating with us. He is wonderful, sweet, cuddly and so grateful," Mel (@mellamprey) said.

"You can't enter the room without Chester getting up to greet you and then try giving you a bath all while purring so loudly."

Mel Lamprey

"Animals are so forgiving and so resilient. He may never close his mouth again, but he doesn't care."

Meanwhile, another kitten named Bitty arrived at Wrenn Rescues for a chance at a better life. Unlike Chester, Bitty was terrified of people and didn't want anyone to come near. She was missing a few toes and had a degloved tail and ear. "We can only wonder what happened to her," Alissa said.

Wrenn Rescues

After a trip to the vet at Oaks Vet Care, she joined Chester at their foster home. The two kittens were opposite in personalities. "Chester was full of love and life, and Bitty was quiet, depressed and fearful," Mel told Love Meow.

"She didn't care for humans or cats, but that didn't stop Chester." Every day, the sweet ginger boy would work his way a little closer to lying next to Bitty.

Mel Lamprey

A week later, Bitty fell ill and became lethargic and unable to hold her head up. "We took her to emergency, with Chester for company, and found she had systemic infection from the damaged toes she came with."

After a few days at the hospital, Bitty bounced back and was ready to go home. "The minute she saw Chester, she ran to him. He gave her a bath, and in our opinion, comforted her and welcomed her back," Mel said.

Mel Lamprey

Since then, the two kittens have been completely inseparable, playing, cuddling and napping together. "Chester is absolutely the comforting one, as Bitty runs to him at sudden loud noises or things that frighten her. They sleep most often with Bitty mostly on top of Chester."

Watch the two buddies in this adorable video:

Kitten with Broken Jaw Comforts Another Kitten In Need of

When both kittens needed a second surgery to correct complications that arose, their bond became even stronger.

Bitty would cry for Chester if he was away for just a few minutes.

Mel Lamprey

"I took Chester out for his daily Vitamin D session, where I held him in my arms in the sun for a few minutes. My husband said I had to get upstairs because Bitty was going crazy," Mel said.

Bitty was running around the room, screaming for her best friend. "I immediately 'gave' Chester to her and she flopped against him and fell asleep as he bathed her."

Mel Lamprey

When Chester was resting, recovering from a hip injury, Bitty took it upon herself to entertain him. "She brings her toys to him and plays right in front of his face," Mel told Love Meow.

"He is her rock, she can be safe and confident around him. Without him I think she reverts back to her prior fears and anxiety. In turn, Chester is doing what he loves — he's a natural nurturer."

Mel Lamprey

Bitty was a frightened little kitten who had given up hope, but everything changed when she found Chester, who showered her with cuddles, baths and lots of purrs.

Look at them now!

Mel Lamprey

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