Kitten Finds Perfect Buddy to Cuddle After Being Rescued from Uncertain Fate

Kitten Finds Perfect Buddy to Cuddle After Being Rescued from Uncertain Fate


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A tiny rescued kitten meowed nonstop until he found the perfect buddy to cuddle.

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Last month, a tabby kitten named Sunshine came to Saving Grace Rescue (in San Francisco, California) for a chance at a better life. The little singleton was an instant love-bug and so happy to be in a safe home.

She followed her foster family everywhere around the house, hogging any lap she could find, and refused to be alone.

They introduced her to their resident cats but knew deep down that she needed a buddy her age. A couple of weeks later, they were contacted about another kitten, in need of rescue.

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The 3-week-old ginger kitten was found with injuries under his tail. Amber Rose, founder of Saving Grace Rescue, took him in without hesitation. He was energetic and a little chatterbox.

They treated him for his wounds and knew the perfect foster home for him. Joyce, who was caring for Sunshine, welcomed the little one into her loving home.

tiny, ginger, kitten, rescueSaving Grace Rescue

She began feeding the kitten around the clock, and he quickly gained weight and strength. His wounds were healing nicely and he even started to waddle and try to explore.

The kitten named Cheddar is very vocal and always wants to make himself heard. He will meow loudly, nonstop until he is cuddled.

They gave him a faux mama cat to keep him company between feedings.

kitten, cuddle, cuteSaving Grace Rescue

When Sunshine heard the squeaks from the new kitten, she came running.

She was intrigued about the newcomer and insisted on being his friend. "As soon as Sunshine met him, she wanted to play with him," Joyce told Love Meow.

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Sunshine trailed behind Cheddar and gently patted his head to ask him to play. The ginger boy was still trying to figure out how to use his legs but so happy to have a friend around.

Watch the kittens in this cute video:

Two kitten best friends - foster

Within a day, the two feline friends were snuggling with each other, as if they had been together all their lives.

cuddles, kittens, cuteSaving Grace Rescue

Sunshine has taken on the role of big sister, showing the little guy the ropes and teaching him how to play like a kitten.

"Since they are both singletons, I think they really enjoy each other's company. They play, sleep and eat off each other's dish," Joyce shared with Love Meow.

cuddles, kittens, cuteSaving Grace Rescue

Despite being smaller, Cheddar can hold his own in a big kitten wrestling match. After play time, they always curl up next to each other and purr themselves to sleep.

The ginger kitten has been learning to eat from a dish just like his big sister. They are thriving in foster care.

cuddles, kittens, cute, best friendsSaving Grace Rescue

"They came from the same shelter but about two weeks apart. And both were affectionate from the start," Amber told Love Meow.

Sunshine adores her little brother from another mother.

cuddles, kittens, cute, best friendsSaving Grace Rescue

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