Rescued Kitten Who Needed a Home, Finds Sailor Cat Who Wanted a Friend


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A little kitten who was rescued from a sewer canal, had his life turned around when he found a sailor cat to be his new brother.

Kach Howe

Zissou the kitten was saved by volunteer English teachers in El Javillar, Dominican Republic a few months ago. The kitten's cries led them to his whereabouts. They got him out to safety but couldn't find him a place to stay. At just a few weeks old, the kitten was in poor shape and desperately needed a home.

Kach Howe and her husband, Jonathan, who travel around the world on their sailboat, learned about the kitten's plight. The tiny ginger boy looked just like their cat, Captain Ahab that they had adopted from Florida Keys SPCA, but tinier.

With no one else offering to take the kitten, they knew it was fate. "We had been thinking of adopting a new cat for Captain Ahab to have a playmate," Kach told Love Meow. "He was very sweet (when we got him) and needed human interaction, but he was so tiny and sick."

Kach Howe

They nursed the little guy back to health. Zissou required many baths and treatment but he didn't complain as if he knew they were trying to help.

When he met his new feline brother, he became an instant fan, following him everywhere he went and was determined to win him over.

Kach Howe

Captain Ahab wasn't so sure about his little look-alike and didn't know how to handle all the sudden attention and unsought affection from the tiny bundle of energy.

"Our big boy was hissing at him, but the next day, he was already licking and cleaning Zissou," Kach added.

Kach Howe

They became brothers, best friends and each other's confidant. The two ginger cats have been completely inseparable since. You rarely find one without the other.

"He was teaching our new baby how to be a good boat cat! Zissou is really enjoying living on a sailboat!"

Kach Howe

"He taught him everything from cleaning himself to eating the correct food, using the litter tray and also the ins and outs of the boat," Kach told Love Meow.

"In the morning, both of them will meow at the same time to wake us up."

Kach Howe

They do everything together, watching birds and the day go by, soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze on the boat with their humans by their side.

Zissou is never far from his brother, copying everything he does, honing his chops.

Kach Howe

Zissou constantly demands attention and play time.

"The little one is very playful while his brother is really chilled and calm," Kach said. "Zissou needs attention all the time. He would always sleep on your lap or follow us around."

Kach Howe

Zissou has really blossomed and grown.

"He has a really cool personality perfect for a sailor cat," Kach said.

Kach Howe

When Captain Ahab decides to supervise his humans as they go on with their daily tasks, Zissou follows his paw-steps, acquiring all the important feline knowledge he can.

Zissou, supervisor in training.

Kach Howe

They came from two different locations, both had a rough start.

Now the little kitty has caught up in size, and their bond has only gotten stronger.

Kach Howe

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Kach Howe

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