Cats Adopt Little Kitten Who Needed a Home, and Raise Her as Their Own

Cats Adopt Little Kitten Who Needed a Home, and Raise Her as Their Own


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A kitten came to her new home and bonded with two ginger cats who took her in as their own.

Jessica Ryan

Three months ago, Jessica Ryan's beloved cat Tunie of 14 years passed away. "I was so heartbroken. After being a blubbering sad mess for days, I came home from work, and my fiancé showed up with a surprise for me," Jessica told Love Meow.

He brought home a little kitten named Sprout, who reminded her of Tunie with her grey fur and round face. Jessica immediately fell in love and couldn't hold back her tears.

The kitten needed a home and found Jessica when she needed her. "She's brought so much life and joy back into my house and my heart."

Jessica Ryan

They introduced her to their other two feline residents, Evin and Minnie. They weren't too impressed with the kitten at first, but Sprout made it a mission to win them over. "She loved them and would follow them around," Jessica added.

The little bundle of fur would watch them and attempt to copy everything they were doing.

Jessica Ryan

She was very determined. Wherever the ginger boys were, she was right there with them, tagging along.

Within a day, Sprout quickly grew on her feline friends. Evin the oldest of the three officially welcomed her with a bath and a long cuddle session.

Jessica Ryan

Before they knew it, Sprout was snuggling with her new brothers, purring alongside them. She snuck her way into their arms and hearts.

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Jessica Ryan

Sprout fit right into her new family. She became attached to Evin and Minnie, and would bury her face in their fluff and start kneading.

"Evin would carry her around and was convinced that she was his baby," Jessica added. "They love her so much. They clean her, snuggle with her and play with her."

Jessica Ryan

There's no such thing as privacy in Sprout's world.

Despite having many cat beds around the house, Sprout chooses to snug in the cat tree with her buddies always.

Jessica Ryan

Evin cuddles with Sprout the same way he did with Minnie when he first joined the family four years ago. Minnie was found at a dairy barn and bonded with Evin soon after they met.

Some things never change!

Jessica Ryan

Sprout hugs everyone she comes across and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Evin the gentle giant adores his little feline admirer and tolerates her every antic.

Jessica Ryan

Evin is a very laid-back cat, and Sprout is extremely affectionate and needy at times. Whenever she demands attention, Evin is happy to offer a cuddle.

"They literally are side by side all day every day."

Jessica Ryan

"They love to play, run around the house like maniacs. They do everything together, sitting by the window and watching the birds at the bird feeder."

Sprout is much bigger now, but Evin still tries to carry her like a baby and watches over her every step of the way.

Jessica Ryan

The trio shares an incredible bond.

"I miss my Tunie girl everyday, but am so happy to be back to three again," Jessica said.

Jessica Ryan

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Watch them in this adorable video:

Kitten finds love in two ginger

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