Cat Who Needed Kittens, Becomes Mom to Kitties Abandoned Outside Library

Cat Who Needed Kittens, Becomes Mom to Kitties Abandoned Outside Library


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Five orphaned kittens who needed a mom, found a cat mother who lost her kittens.

They instantly became a family.

Juliet's House Animal Rescue

A week ago, a litter of kittens were found abandoned outside a library in Kernersville, North Carolina. They were crying nonstop for their mom who was nowhere in sight.

They were then brought to the police station in a shopping bag. Officers reached out to Juliet's House Animal Rescue, a rescue group in Greensboro, NC, and asked if they could help these little guys. "Thankfully, we were able to place them in a safe and loving foster home," the rescue shared with Love Meow.

Casaundra Maimone, a volunteer of the rescue, picked up the kittens and brought them home. She immediately began bottle feeding them as they were starving and crying for food.

Juliet's House Animal Rescue

That night, the kitties were able to sleep in a warm bed with full bellies, but they really missed their mom and would try to nurse on blankets or Casaundra's Dog Winnie for comfort.

The runt of the litter clung to his foster mom and would cry until he was held and cuddled.

The tiny runtJuliet's House Animal Rescue

Over the weekend, Juliet's House received a call from Davidson County Animal Shelter about a mother cat needing rescue. She recently lost her kittens and was really confused, upset and in pain. "She was producing milk but had no kittens to nurse," the rescue said.

They offered to take her into their care and knew just the right place to bring her to. "We decided to introduce her to our five orphaned foster kittens."

Juliet's House Animal Rescue

Yesterday, Casaundra brought the cat mom to her new babies. When she heard their cries, her motherly instinct kicked in, and she immediately lay on her side and was ready to nurse.

Watch this beautiful little family in this video:

Orphaned Kittens Find New Cat

She accepted the kitties right away and started caring for them as her own.

The sweet mama purred up a storm while she was feeding her hungry little kittens. "She is an incredible mama. We are very happy it all worked out!"

Juliet's House Animal Rescue

This adorable feline family is having their first Christmas together in the comfort of their foster home.

The cat mom feels whole again. Her kittens can't get enough of her warmth and comfort and bask themselves in her unconditional love.

Juliet's House Animal Rescue

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