Kitten Found Covered in Glue Makes the Greatest Come Back


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They feared that this tiny kitten wouldn't survive the night after he was found covered in strong glue, but they never gave up trying. With a lot of love, the kitten made the greatest come back.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

The 4-week-old kitten was brought to Tierheim Köln Zollstock, a rescue group in Germany after a man found him covered in strong glue. They were shocked by what they saw.

"I can't believe what the baby must have been through," the rescue group said. "The front paws were stuck on his cheeks."

Shaving off the fur was not an option because the coat was glued to the skin, but the rescuers were determined to save him. They worked around the clock to remove the glue by applying oil and baby shampoo.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

One of the staff members took the kitten home to continue cleaning throughout the weekend.

They named the little furry fighter Mino.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

After all the hard work, they were able to clean out most of the glue, and the tiny fur baby was doing so much better.

He got his energy back and looked like a completely different kitten.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

They put him in foster care and continued watching over his health. Despite what happened Mino, he loves everyone and can't get enough of their attention.

Mino even made a friend at his foster home.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

They became inseparable!

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

Mino at the vet, doing so much better and getting fluffier every day.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

Kim Zilewitsch, the foster mom, nursed the little guy back to health. When it was time for Mino to find his forever home, it was clear that the little tuxedo boy had already found it - right there with his foster mom and canine buddy.

Photo: Tierheim Köln Zollstock

Watch Mino now at his forever loving home!

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