kitten rescued from side of road brought back to life by teacher

Teacher Found Kitten in a Bag on Sidewalk and Saved Her in Nick of Time.. (with Updates)


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A tiny kitten was abandoned in the street in an unthinkable way until a teacher found her and saved her life in the nick of time.

This is what love can do in just one week!

Courtesy of Aline Martins

"On the morning of March 3rd I took my dog for a walk like I always do every morning, then I saw a plastic bag moving from one side to another side of the sidewalk," Aline Martins told Love Meow. (Translated by Monica Varriano of Cats, Beavers & Ducks, Facebook)

"When I heard those tiny and fragile little meows, I quickly untied the plastic bag which was closed by two strong knots, and found this little kitten, all wet and scared!"

Aline grabbed the bag and immediately ran home to get the kitten the help she desperately needed. "She was very scared so I left her in a carrier for a little while, so she could calm down a bit and feel safe."

When the kitten finally felt comfortable with her new surroundings, she was given a very needed warm bath.

Courtesy of Aline Martins

All cleaned up and comfy in her new bed.

She loved her blanket so much that she started purring the moment she touched the soft fabric.

Courtesy of Aline Martins

Aline fed the kitten with a bottle and a syringe. The moment the kitten started eating, she saw hope.

The hungry kitten scarfed down the food and loved every bit of it.

Courtesy of Aline Martins

"Now, she eats a lot (dry and wet food) and loves her new furry brothers and sisters!"

She was the tiniest one of all but had the biggest appetite.

Courtesy of Aline Martins

"She plays, sleeps and eats with her new family and is very happy."

Courtesy of Aline Martins

The little ball of fluff blossomed in just one week.

"She now can forget her sad past and enjoy her brand new happy life."

Courtesy of Aline Martins


Aline named the beautiful kitty Cindy. A year after the rescue... look at her now!

Courtesy of Aline Martins

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