Kitten Found on Patio During Bitter Cold. Two Men Determined to Save Her!


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A little kitten was found on a patio during bitter cold. Two men were determined to save her!

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

David Crawford and John Barron share the story with Love Meow:

Just over a year ago we heard a small cry coming from our patio. I went to see what was going on to find a small little kitten curled up on a chair. She looked so lonely and hungry it just broke my heart. I (David) gave her a bowl of fresh pet food. At first she ran but after a few minutes she came back to eat. Slowly I worked towards her but she was having none of it.

Dangerously cold weather was predicted for our area so I contacted our vet to see if they had a live trap we could use to catch this little baby. Luckily they did.

After setting the trap I went back into the house. I figured it would be some time before she would even come near it. Boy was I wrong. As soon as I sat down, the trap went off.

I went out to see if it was the little kitten, sure enough it was.

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

She was so thin you could see her bones. I was in tears. I knew there was no way she was going to make it, but I wouldn't and couldn't give up on her. She was so weak that she didn't even fight us taking her out of the cage.

We snuggled and held her close, speaking softly and lovingly to her all through the night. The next morning we took her to see our cat vet. The prognosis wasn't good. The little kitten really was close to death. The vet told us not to expect her to make it through the weekend. She was dangerously anemic because of the flea infestation and her bowel movements showed she had been living off small bugs and dried leaves.

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

The vet kept her that day until we both got off work. They gave her a flea bath, some medicine to help in case of infections, and two bags of fluids. We were sent home with instructuins to give her an emergency supplement diet food, plus whatever else we could get her to eat and liquid iron that was to be given to her twice a day. The vet also informed us that she was not a baby. In fact her teeth showed she was at least 8 months if not older, but she weighed only 1 lbs 3 ounces.

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

Things were touch and go over the weekend, but she survived despite her rough start in life. We waited to name her until we knew she'd make it through that weekend but then John said he wanted to name her Isabella.

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

She came to live with us in the Barron household and came to steal our hearts and our eternal love. Isabella, as it turns out, is a full blooded Siamese cat. Someone put her out because they believed she was a throw away pet. But to us she is the little fairy queen who was destined to find her way into our lives.

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

Isabella all grown up now!

Courtesy of David Crawford and John Barron

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